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Centar ACROSS-DataScience djeluje kao središte suradnje akademske zajednice s poslovnim i javnim sektorom u istraživanju i razvoju novih metodologija i naprednih inženjerskih pristupa za znanost o podatcima i kooperativne sustave.

Poziv na predavanje: On two...

Istraživačka jedinica za znanost o podatcima Centra izvrsnosti za znanost o podatcima i napredne kooperativne sustave, u okviru projekta "DATACROSS – Napredne metode i tehnologije u znanosti o podatcima i kooperativnim sustavima", organizira predavanje istraživačkog seminara

On two bioinformatics problems: MEM finding and FASTQ compression

koje će održati izv. prof. dr. sc. Szymon Grabowski s Institute of Applied Computer Science of the Lodz University of Technology, Poljska. Predavanje će se održati u ponedjeljak 27. 5. 2019. u 12:00 sati u dvorani Krila Ivana Supeka, na Institutu Ruđer Bošković.

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Sažetak: In the talk I will present two bioinformatics problems: finding maximal exact matches (MEM) and compression of sequencing reads in FASTQ format, their history and own results. The MEM finding problem consists of reporting all maximal matches between the reference and the query sequence, longer than a specified threshold, with applications in seeding alignments e.g. of sequencing reads for genome assembly. FASTQ is a standard format for storing sequencing reads, with datasets of size even of hundred GBs, which motivates specialized compression techniques. For both problems, several leading ideas are presented, accompanied with experimental results.

Životopis: Szymon Grabowski, Ph.D., D.Sc. (born in 1973) is an Associate Professor in computer science at the Institute of Applied Computer Science of the Lodz University of Technology, Poland. He received his Ph.D. degree in 2003 and the habilitation degree in 2011, both in computer science. His former research, including Ph.D. dissertation, involved nearest neighbor classification methods in pattern recognition, also with applications in image processing. Currently, his main interests are focused in string matching, text indexing and data compression, with applications in bioinformatics. Some of his particular research topics include various approximate string matching problems, compressed text indexes and searching over a pangenome. He has published about 130 papers in journals and conference proceedings, and served on the editorial board of International Journal of Computer Mathematics (2008-11) and on the PC of the conferences SPIRE'17 and CPM'19. His h-index, according to Scopus, is 16.

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