Research focus


The Data Science Research Unit (RU DataScience) comprises 49 leading experts dealing with Data Science. The goal of Data Science is the extraction of knowledge from data, including Big Data. This goal mandates the use of methods based on a number of diverse theoretical fields, such as mathematics, statistics, information theory, signal processing, probability models, machine learning, data mining, database, data engineering, natural language processing, pattern recognition and learning, visualization, predictive analytics, data warehousing, data compression, and high performance computing.

To successfully meet this challenge, research activities have been structured into the following four research areas:

  • Research Area 1: Multimodal Data Processing and Information Management
  • Research Area 2: Machine Learning and Data Mining Techniques
  • Research Area 3: Heterogeneous Computing and Advanced Cloud Services
  • Research Area 4: Multidisciplinary Data Intensive Applications

The applications range from data mining and complex networks to social networks, bioinformatics, business analytics, financial applications, health, and physics.


The list of Data Science Research Unit members for each Research Area is available here. The list of participating organizations is available here.