Research Focus


The ever increasing demands on efficient and reliable operation of complex systems can be achieved only by simultaneous consideration of both the design of system components and the design of their cooperation. The Cooperative Systems Research Unit (RU ACROSS) comprises 32 leading experts focused on four major research areas:

  • Research area 1: Autonomous and cooperative robotic systems
  • Research area 2: Cognitive vision systems
  • Research area 3: Pervasive sensing and human-centric networked services
  • Research area 4: Advanced control and estimation strategies for cyber-physical systems

The fundamental methodological research within each strategic domain will be transferred to the areas of application, thus establishing compatibility of research between domains. Priority areas of application are health systems, safety and protection, the environment, advanced city, and factories of the future.


The list of Cooperative Systems Research Unit members for each Research Area is available here. The list of participating organizations is available here.