Project Elements


DATACROSS project activities are organized in the following elements:

  • Project Element 1: Advanced methods and technologies in Dana Science
  • Project Element 2: Advanced methods and technologies in Cooperative Systems
  • Project Element 3: Procurement of equipment, furniture and supplies
  • Project Element 4: International cooperation and networking, training and improvement of the Centre's staff
  • Project Element 5: Dissemination of research results and transfer of knowledge and technologies
  • Project Element V: Publicity and visibility
  • Project Element PM: Project management and administration

Within the DATACROSS project, a series of events will be organized with the aim to:

  • Coordinate research activities
  • Disseminate the research results to the economy and governmental organizations through the organization of the Centre's scientific workshops and meetings with the Centre's stakeholders
  • Present the project through open days and public presentations
  • Organize educational activities like summer schools

Furthermore, DATACROSS will actively cooperate with the economy through:

  • Dissemination activities
  • Development of new high-tech products and services
  • Establishment of spin-off companies