Research Focus

The ever increasing demands on efficient and reliable operation of complex systems can be achieved only by simultaneous consideration of both the design of system components and the design of their cooperation. The ACROSS will focus on four major research areas:

  • Research area 1: Autonomous and cooperative robotic systems
  • Research area 2: Cognitive vision systems
  • Research area 3: Pervasive sensing and human-centric networked services
  • Research area 4: Advanced control and estimation strategies for cyber-physical systems

Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board is established to continuously assess the project progress and make recommendations to the ACROSS managing board. Board members are international and national recognized scientists appointed for two years periods with possible extensions: 

  • Danica Kragić (KTH Stockholm)
  • Dana Kulić (University of Waterloo, Kanada)
  • Tajana Šimunić Rosing (UC San Diego)
  • Ivan Gojmerac (Austrian Institute of Technology)
  • Anthony Grbic (Uni Michigan)